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Kitchen & Pantry Designers

Hybrid Kitchen, specialist kitchen & pantry designers in Sri Lanka. With our professional approach to understand each and every customer, we have the capability to provide a customised solution to suit your own taste and budget.

With fantastic innovative features, clever storage systems and the perfect combination of flexibility, function and style, our pantry cabinets, counters and tables undoubtedly caters everyone. We can show you many styles across a vast selection of ideas and solutions. They are simple, pure and unique. We can also assure you that they will suit your own taste and budget. There’s everything from luxurious fitted kitchens with great value. Altogether they represent the best money can buy. If one of our beautiful units catches your eye, then make an appointment with one of our designers and let them share their design ideas with you.

Organise Your Kitchen



Goods consumed by users

Canned Food, Rice, Pasta etc. As well as Refrigerated and Frozen Items

Non Consumables

Store Non Consumable Items

Cutlery, Dishes, Glasses etc. Also items such as pens, household paperwork etc


Store cleaning material &
waste collection

Sink, dishwasher &
other cleaning utensils


Main work area in the Kitchen

Kitchen utensils, knives, small electrical appliances, chopping board, spices and etc


Where cooking takes place

Steamer. Microwave, Hob, Extractor, Hood, Pots, Pans, Utensils, Baking trays and etc

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Gallery Kitchen
Island Kitchen
L Kitchen
Straight Kitchen
U Kitchen